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Kitchen Cabinets that create a restful retreat

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rustic custom kitchen cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

With the perfect kitchen cabinets you can feel like you are vacationing at home in your own kitchen.  Sip your coffee every morning in your own private kitchen retreat with this uniquely designed rustic kitchen.

Start your vacation at home with these ideas:

The completely correct guide to vacationing at home from the Washington Post

Relaxation through organization – what helps you to work effortlessly in the kitchen?  More storage? All of your favorite appliances and gadgets at your fingertips? We have the resources and know-how to customize any drawer or cabinet with the right accessories to tuck everything away neatly, ready when you need it.

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Local Quality

First, at McMillan Cabinetmakers your kitchen cabinets are made in our own shop.  You know you are getting local, quality craftsmanship that our company has stood behind since 1987.  Most importantly, we make your cabinets exactly to your specifications to create a kitchen that you won’t see anywhere else.



kitchen for the whole family to retreat to

Unique style

Are you planning your new kitchen?  Make it feel like you’re vacationing at home when you gather your family in your custom designed kitchen. Our designers will create a kitchen that reflects your personal style.

Integrated design:  At McMillan Cabinetmakers you work with a designer with the experience to take all your great ideas and integrate them into your one-of-a-kind space.

For instance, you pick the materials and cabinet styles that you love. We’ll put them together in a way that highlights your favorite dishes or collections that you want to display.  In other words, all of your appliances, lighting, and pantry organization needs will be seamlessly incorporated into your next kitchen remodel.