We take many steps to ensure that our final product is perfect and will stand the test of time. We inspect each part in its raw state and carefully prep it by filling and sanding the wood. If not prepped properly the finished product will not look consistent nor pass our quality standards.

Clear Coat Finish

This finish uses our post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is sprayed on in our spray booth. If applying this straight on the wood without stain, it allows the grain and the natural color of the wood to be the center of attention for the cabinet.

Stain Finish

This is an oil based stain that is wiped on and off by hand. The color that remains is then set to dry and sealed.After the sealer has dried we then sand the door again then spray with our clear coat finish in the spray booth. The grain and the beauty of the wood is emphasized throughout.

Stain and Glaze Finish

Once the stain is applied, we seal the wood and let it dry. We then use a glazing compound in another stain color and very carefully apply this to the details and recesses of the door. We wipe off any remaining stain and leave only what’s left in the details. The pieces are then sprayed with a clear coat finish and set to dry. This process is time-consuming, and must be carefully executed to keep the consistency of the glaze in harmony with each piece. The glaze draws attention to the added enhancements of the doors and cabinets.

Paint Finish

After the parts are prepped we spray on a strong binding primer and set it aside to cure for at least 12-24 hours. After the primer has cured, we sand the pieces then apply the paint in several layers. There is a long dry time between each layer of paint so that each layer is as dry and smooth as possible. Once the last coat of paint has dried we then add our clear coat finish for added durability of the finish. Our painted finish is opaque; the grain of the wood is completely hidden.

Paint and Glaze Finish

The parts are prepped and painted, but prior to adding the clear coat we create a glaze color and apply it in the details of the door. The glaze is brushed on with an artistic hand and then carefully wiped off. The remaining glaze creates character and emphasizes the details of the door.

Custom Finishes

From time to time we do get requests to create a one of a kind finish. This will require us to create several samples and colors to work with. We’ll ask the client to come in for a final approval before proceeding to the cabinets. There are more upfront costs with this type of finish to help cover our researching time. We’ll walk you through the process before we start to work on creating your unique finish.