How long does it take to make the cabinets?

This will vary throughout the year. Custom made cabinets take time to plan, design and process before they are submitted to the shop for construction. Our lead times can vary from 10-12 weeks and up to 18 weeks or more. The beginning of the year generally has the shortest lead times, and the end of the year usually has the longest lead times. Please feel free to call us to find out what our current lead time is to see if we can meet your deadline.

What's the cheapest cabinet that you make?

We make quite a range of cabinets, and prices vary widely, depending mostly on 1) configuration, 2) finish, 3) material, and 4) detailing. A cabinet with carved panels in deep-glazed mahogany might cost six or eight times what the same sized cabinet with simple Shaker panels in clear finished alder would cost. But we make every cabinet to order, and all of them are made to our high standards of quality and construction. There is still great value in our lowest priced cabinets, but if you’re really looking for the cheapest cabinet to fill a given space, you’ll find it at a vendor of mass-produced stock cabinetry.

I want to add a cabinet to my kitchen. Can you match the cabinets I already have?

Yes, we can! We pride ourselves on our ability to recreate existing details and aged finishes. But know that matching things can require a fair amount of setup time, and sometimes even specially made tooling. When we’re building a whole kitchen’s worth of cabinets, those expenses will be a fairly small percentage of the total project cost, but if we’re just building one cabinet, they can easily cost more than the actual cabinet.

What are the advantages of having cabinets made to order?

When working with McMillan Cabinetmakers, clients will notice that we have a great attention to detail that will surpass any quick order company. We can focus on the design and our clients’ needs while providing many ideas and solutions to help them achieve their wants for the space. Every client has the freedom and flexibility to design the perfect cabinet to fit within their space. Another advantage is that we selectively choose the best materials and hardware for the cabinets which will ultimately stand the test of time. We build all cabinets with the best construction methods, then finish them with pride knowing that our clients are going to love that they chose us as their cabinetmaker.

Is it expensive?

We believe that the pricing is affordable for the value of customer service and product each client receives when working with us. We select the best materials and functioning hardware to last a lifetime. We also use high quality construction methods and finish each cabinet with strong, durable finishes. Although it may seem more expensive than factory-made cabinets, our cabinets won’t need to be replaced or look worn after a few years of use.

My kitchen is dated, but the cabinets are in pretty good shape. Can you put new fronts on them?

Sounds like a good idea! We specialize in building new cabinets, but there are firms out there who do put new fronts on old cabinets. You’ll find them by researching “cabinet refacing.”

Do you refinish or repair cabinets?

We only refinish or repair cabinets that we built. We generally refer refinishing of cabinets to a local painter and repairing of cabinets that we did not build to a handy-man.

What's your best price on a 30" vanity?

Although it sounds simple enough, we can best answer this question with more details provided. But if you’re just looking for something quick to fit within the space, you can most likely find the best price through a showroom that stocks factory-made cabinets.

What is the warranty on your cabinets?

McMillan Cabinetmakers guarantees all of our casework to be of quality materials and workmanship and free from defects which render it unserviceable for its intended use. We agree to repair or replace (at our option) any defective cabinet or component part for a period of one year from delivery date. We do not agree to be responsible for damage resulting from misuse or mishandling after delivery, including damage resulting from exposure to abnormal heat, dryness, or dampness, or for damage to the cabinets caused by improper installation or misuse. Warranty is void if payment is not made in full.

Do you build commercial grade cabinets?

No, we do not build commercial grade cabinets but can recommend a company in the area if you are looking for one.