Wet bar and butler’s pantries

modern wet bar

small wet bar


Hospitality at Home 

Wet bar and butler’s pantries can bring hospitality right into your home.  Whether you are working from home or vacationing at home – relax and take a break with some fresh squeezed juice or just brewed coffee from your beautiful wet bar.  Let McMillan Cabinetmakers design and build something that fits your home.  A wet bar is not only convenient and luxurious, it’s also practical because it adds storage and frees up space in your existing kitchen. 


Get some wet bar ideas from Better Homes and Gardens with this slideshow 







large butler's pantry traditional





Built for you 

With custom cabinetry, you get an integrated design. Appliances are tucked behind panels and all the cabinets are sized to make the bar fit in your space like it was meant to be there.  Big or small, butler’s pantry or wet bar – McMillan Cabinetmakers’ designers will make sure you have everything you need. 


traditional butler's pantry



modern wet bar medium sized



Butler’s pantry or bar adds value and convenience 

Add some hospitality to your family meals with a custom butler’s pantry or a wet bar.  At McMillan Cabinetmakers we’ll find the right design that does double duty.  Find that niche in your home that could enhance both your living room and your dining room.  Get extra storage and have what you need close by. 







Traditional butler's pantry



Choose your style for your wet bar and butler’s pantry

McMillan Cabinetmakers will handcraft your butler’s pantry or bar right here in St. Louis to your exact specifications. Modern or traditional – our designers will work with you to design something that fits and enhances your home.  Let’s get started today.