Fall-inspired beautiful wood finishes

bath vanity beautify finish

natural finish bath vanity

rich wood finish on library cabinets

Bring some warm textures into the bathroom with wood finishes inspired by the rich colors of fall 

At McMillan Cabinetmakers we handcraft every cabinet we make and finish it to your specification. We take many steps to ensure that our final product is perfect and will stand the test of time.  To get that beautiful wood finish, we inspect each part in its raw state and carefully prepare the wood by fill and sanding.  When prepared properly, the finished product will look consistent and pass our quality standards. 






















Get a beautiful wood finish that is as durable as it is beautiful for your bathroom project this fall

At McMillan Cabinetmakers, we hand finish every cabinet.  You can choose a clear coat finish if you want the natural wood to show through.  Therefore, we use a post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is sprayed on in our spray booth.  If applying this straight on the wood without stain, it allows the grain and the natural color of the wood to be the center of attention for the cabinet. 


Get inspired with this article from Fine Woodworking magazine.

















Bring some warm, rich, Fall-inspired wood textures into your home with some custom-built 

bookshelves and storage cabinets 

At McMillan Cabinetmakers we can custom make exactly what would enhance your home this fall season.  Our designers work with you to plan the perfect project to fit your storage needs.  You can select a beautiful wood finish that looks perfect with the existing décor of your home. 
















Custom-built cabinetry with a beautiful stain finish

At McMillan Cabinetmakers we take pride in our stain finish.  With our hand rubbed oil-based stain, the color that remains is then set to dry and be sealed.  After the sealer has dried, we then sand the door again then spray with our clear coat finish in the spray booth.  In other words, the grain and the beauty of the wood is emphasized throughout.