custom stain finish

Custom stain finish in warm Autumn colors

beautiful wood finish


A custom stain finish that adds the warmth of fall colors to your new kitchen cabinets

Get a custom stain finish for your new cabinets.  With custom cabinets from McMillan Cabinetmakers you get a custom hand applied finish.  Our finishes are carefully layered with each step, so the final product is as durable as it is beautiful.  







cabinet detail with ceautiful wood finish








Beautiful handcrafted finish

Our craftsmen take the time to inspect prepare the raw material and they don’t move on to the next finishing step until each layer meets their high quality standards.  With this level of craftsmanship, you know you’re getting the most for your investment in your home. 













Stain and glaze finish










Get a unique look

At McMillan Cabinetmakers, you have many finish choices.  Go for a one-of-a-kind finish with a stain and a glaze.  When you opt for this process, first we apply the stain, and then we seal the wood and let it dry.  Finally, we use a glazing compound in another stain color and very carefully apply this to the details.  The glaze brings out the details of the doors and cabinets.   You get a unique finish you won’t see anywhere else.











Custom millwork rich wood finish






A Finish that lasts a lifetime

At McMillan Cabinetmakers we take pride in our stain finish.  With our hand rubbed oil-based stain, the color that remains is then set to dry and be sealed.  After the sealer has dried, we then sand the door again then spray with our clear coat finish in the spray booth.  The grain and the beauty of the wood is emphasized throughout. 


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custom millwork with nice finish