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Custom cabinets for the perfect kitchen

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Create the perfect kitchen or butler’s pantry with custom cabinets 

Custom cabinets give you the perfect solution for your kitchen. From ideas to install, our designers are there for you. We measure your space.  You get a perfect fit.  Our designers help you weed through the available accessories to find what works for your needs.   Most importantly, you will have everything exactly where you need it.  Get a kitchen or butler’s pantry that is built for you.

You can get inspired with some great ideas from Elle Magazine.




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Unique style with custom cabinetry

Get a custom color that really pops. How about a unique door detail or base trim that works with the style you are going for?  McMillan Cabinetmakers can do that.  For instance, we have the experience to fully integrate all types of appliances with the perfect panels to blend seamlessly.






Select the door style and finish that works for you

Select the door style and finish that fits your home and your unique taste.  In other words, you can spend time in a space that is unique to what you need.  You get the details you want with custom cabinets.









Kitchen Islands with the perfect stained wood finish

We hand apply our our based stain. After that, the color is dried and sealed.  After the sealer has dried, we sand the wood again and spray it with our clear coat finish in the spray booth.  This process emphasizes the wood’s grain and natural beauty.






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Kitchen cabinets with the perfect painted finish

At McMillan Cabinetmakers, we finish our cabinets with a multi-layer finish applied in our spray booth.  This finish is as durable as the paint on a car.  First, we spray a strong binding primer on and cure it for 12 to 24 hours.  Next, we sand and paint in several layers. The finish is smooth because we allow the appropriate drying time. Finally, we add a durable clear coat.  Our painted finish is opaque and the grain of the wood is completely hidden and protected.


painted kitchen cabinets

Get something unique

You select a style and finish that you won’t see anywhere else.  Add warmth with a wood finish. For instance, our durable painted finish will accent and brighten the room.  Above all, enjoy the room that you spend most of your time in.