Why made-to-order cabinets?

made-to-order cabinets vanity
Photo by Alise O’Brien Photography

The best reason for made-to-order cabinets

The best reason to order made-to-order cabinets is that you get exactly what you want.

This beautiful bathroom has fluted slab doors in a beautiful “White Sail” color finish.

“Made-to-order cabinets” means you get a one of a kind finish

The incredible linen cabinet that you see in the mirror has a custom painted and glazed linen look with warm black accents. Check out our website to learn more about our finishes.

McMillan Cabinetmakers created these cabinets with Wendy Steinbecker, Interior Designer at Temple and Hentz.

In addition to that, Alise O’Brien Photography did an ingenious job of capturing this tight space in the mirror. See more of her work here.

made-to-order finish
Photo by Alise O’Brien Photography
finish panels in a walk in closet

If you have an idea, we can make it happen

These panels area are the doors to the jewelry storage cabinet of your dreams. Our Designer, Becky Bircher designed these doors to just blend into the design of this walk-in closet and not stand out.

Unique storage made exactly to your specifications

No matter what your storage needs are, we can get you organized.

In addition, check out our portfolio page to see all of the amazing things we have built.

This not only a beautiful jewelry cabinet!

Becky Bircher designed this entire cabinet to pivot on a hinge and it functions as a door to a secret room.

You have unique requirements. Don’t settle for less than a perfect solution.