Bold Black and White Custom Cabinets

bold black and white custom cabinets
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Go bold, Black and White Custom Cabinets

Bold Black and White Custom Cabinets / Made-to-order cabinets give you the chance to select the color that works for your décor. Make and impact with the exact shade that you want.

Find out what sets our finish way above other cabinet finishes. Read about our process on our website.

Bold Black and White Cabinets

Firstly, make a statement with you bold choices.

Secondly, create just the right look for your home with a finish that will be durable.

bold black backsplash
black and white kitchen
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What sets our cabinets apart

Moreover, we take steps to ensure that our final product is perfect and will stand the test of time.

Attention to detail

We inspect each part in its raw state and carefully prep it by fill and sanding the wood. If not prepped properly the finished product will not lock consistent nor pass our quality standards.

In addition, See all of the amazing things we have built on our portfolio page.

Get inspired with these beautiful black and white rooms.

black and white bathroom
bold black and white custom cabinets for a wet bar

Our paint finish

After the parts are prepped we spray on a strong binding primer and set it aside to cure for at least 12-24 hours. After the primer has cured, we sand the pieces then apply the paint in several layers.

In conclusion, our painted finish is opaque; the grain of the wood is completely hidden.