McMillan Cabinetmakers Offers Design Services

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Design services you can trust

We offer design services so that you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you want. Whether your designer or architect has a schematic plan or if you are starting from scratch, out designers can bring your ideas to life.

McMillan Cabinetmakers design and hand-build cabinets and architectural woodwork for the finest homes in the St. Louis Area. We build cabinets in our St. Louis shop in traditional and contemporary styles.

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Get cabinets exactly how you want them

Get started with these simple ideas. One tip from our designers is to organize your kitchen by function: clean up, prep work, storage, cooking.

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Firstly, as a build to order cabinetmaker, we can offer a nearly limitless variety of woods, finishes, and detailing. Each of our projects is unique, created to fit a client’s needs and taste as perfectly as it fits the space.

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Why built to order cabinets?

Moreover, the word “custom” is used pretty broadly in the cabinet industry to describe cabinet lines with limited materials, colors, and door styles. But at McMillan, we believe the word “custom” means more than a few choices. That’s why we prefer to call the work we do “built to order”

Design services means we walk you through material and finish selections

We source hardwood lumber from responsibly managed domestic sources, and select it for grain, color, and stability. Our plywood and sheet materials and adhesives are formaldehyde-free. We use recycled cores whenever practical. We assemble cabinets one at a time, and hand-fit each door and drawer. In short, we build cabinets the right way.

But what really makes our woodwork stand out is the finish. Our expert wood finishers excel in creating authentic traditional effects and finishes, using durable, modern and safe materials and methods. Matching colors and effects is no problem either, so if none of the many samples in our showroom meet your needs, we can create one that does.

In addition, See all of the amazing things we have built on our portfolio page.

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Added value to your home

McMillan cabinets are hand built using high quality materials, so not surprisingly, they are not the cheapest cabinets on the market. But our pricing is actually quite competitive with the better factory-made cabinet lines, even though we’re making them one at a time. We sell our cabinets directly to you or your builder, avoiding the extra layer of expense built in to the dealer showroom system. Meaning, when you buy from McMillan Cabinetmakers, more of your cabinet dollar will go directly into the cost of producing your cabinets, and less into the cost of selling them to you.