Built-in Bookcases bring organization and style

custom built in media wall

wood library

Add some serenity to your home

Find some peace during a stressful day in the comfort of your own living space.  Whether you are planning a new home or a remodel, include some built-in bookcases.  McMillan Cabinetmakers is a local company that builds your custom design right in our St. Louis shop.  With us, you will get one-of-a-kind product that fits your home and storage needs.








Get what you want

Traditional and ornate or sleek and modern you will have the freedom to select a style and materials that brings richness and elegance to any room.  Let us design something that adds value to your home and provides a place for your books, objects, and art.  Relax and enjoy your living space more with everything organized exactly the way you want it. 




built-in wall of bookcases

Enjoy your down time at home

As part of your next remodel, McMillan Cabinetmakers can create a custom reading nook to fit seamlessly into your home.  Sit back and relax with a beautiful design where all your stuff is exactly where you want it.  Add some storage and organization to your home office and bring some calm to your workday. 

Get inspired with bookcase and home office storage with these tips from Real Homes 



reading nook bookcase






Built-in bookcases add value to your home

Custom built-in bookcases will not just add style and comfort to your house but will increase the value of your home and add to the long-term enjoyment of your space.  You can create a whole wall of storage or just enhance your favorite intimate corner.  Dream up what you want, and McMillan Cabinetmakers will make it a reality.