sea green kitchen cabinets

Color pop with made to order cabinets

Perfect color for your cabinets

At McMillan Cabinetmakers, our finishes go though many carefully applied steps to ensure that our final product is perfect and will stand the test of time. Check out all our finishes here.  Get the color pop that you are looking for with made to order cabinets. Get inspired with these articles from HGTV: HGTV Article:  Kitchen Cabinet Color

orange island

 Options: Ideas from Top Designers 


Go bold with you cabinet color choice

With custom cabinetry, you get the exact shade and sheen that works with your home.













black and white kitchen

Works with any style

Contemporary or traditional or anywhere in between, get the perfect color for your palette.









bright yellow kitchen

Color importance

Color can help create an illusion of bigger or smaller room.  If the room is small and the amount of natural light is limited, light colors are the way to go.  If the room is large, darker colors will  create a cozy, comfortable environment.








sea green kitchen




Create a mood

Each tone of color has a significant effect on our mood, has a specific meaning, and interlinks with our mind frame.  Colors have the power to change your mood and mind.  You choose the best combination of colors in your house that can bring together various emotions like pleasant, calming, intimate, comfortable, dramatic and aggressive.








butter yellow kitchen






Color pop with made to order cabinets

Color can make a kitchen brighter, happier and more reflective of your personal style.













pink pantry





Subtle color variations

Create a color pop in a neutral kitchen with a few cabinets that are a different color.